Case Studies See What Professional Event and Commercial Photography Does for Some of My Clients

Case Study Banner Raglan Entertainment

Case Study: Raglan Entertainment A One-of-a-Kind Dining and Entertainment Venue Uses Photography to Drive Business

Raglan Road Irish Pub is a one-of-a-kind dining an entertainment venue in the heart of Orlando’s Disney Springs. Driving business to their restaurant means maintaining a vibrant and engaging website, promoting world-class events throughout the year, working with a host of media outlets, and populating social media profiles across multiple platforms. Raglan Entertainment works with me to get in-the-moment images for all of these mediums that convey the atmosphere and excitement of their experience.

Case Study Banner AWW

Case Study: Aquatic Weed Wizards A New Local Service Needed an Ultra-Professional Digital and Print Presence Right From the Start

Aquatic Weed Wizards is a service-based business that entered an incredibly competitive local market and needed a digital presence that would set them apart. AWW worked with me to get great photos of their not-so-glamorous jobs and help explain to their customers how their standard of service is different. They’ve used their photos across the web, social media, print, and out-of-home advertising to establish themselves as a major player. 

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Case Study: Under Armour Lacrosse A Brand Looks to Engage its Audience on Instagram

One of a sports brand’s biggest challenges is creating new, exciting content for social media. Under Armour approached me to help them engage and grow their following on Instagram with behind-the-scenes images from the teams they outfit. I produced shots that not only worked within the confines of their brand, but also gave fans a feeling of being present at games around the country. 

Case Study Banner TV Fair

Case Study: Tennessee Valley Fair A Legendary Fair Looks to Bring New Perspective to Pageants

The Tennessee Valley Fair has been holding beauty pageants for decades. But social media has brought a new need to the pageant days for more than just  hit-your-mark-and-pose shots. TVF asked me to bring a new perspective to the pageants they hold each year and have used resulting images across the web. 

Case Study Banner Raglan Pub

Case Study: Raglan Road Irish Pub A World-Renowned Restaurant Uses Vibrant Images to Promote its Gourmet Menu

In addition to being an internationally known spot for Irish dancing and music, Raglan Road Irish Pub is acclaimed for its outstanding menu. Raglan works with me to promote seasonal menus and new menu items in PR releases, on the web, in print promotion, and in social media posts. 

Austin Pifani v. Nick Martin
Phillips Powers Through
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Case Study: Lacrosse Hub A Sports Media Site Covers Lacrosse at All Levels with Unmatched Imagery

Lacrosse Hub is an internationally known media outlet that covers American lacrosse at the college, professional, and national levels. Lacrosse Hub has a long-standing relationship with me to produce images of the game known for their exceptional quality and unique player-focused content.